Personalized logo
Personalized logo


A college professor once told me a logo is like your outfit; you're going to stop and think about what you wear before you go outside because that is how the world will see you. Well, the same is true for a logo. It represents the company, but doesn't get a chance to change daily so it needs to be designed well!

Capitol Grains (Branding Suite)

Half page newspaper ad Half page newspaper ad

Capitol Grains is created to be a lunch delivery-only company with an emphasis on healthy food for the Washington DC area. I designed the branding suite, advertisements, and Graphics Standards Manual for this school project.


I created the shape of the logo as a play on the dome of the Capitol Building, and also to emphasize the curves of the "C" and "G" in Capitol Grains.  The lines of the grains themselves were created by using lines styled from the Archistico typeface (which is used in word "Grains" in the logo).


Graphic Standards Manual

Graphic Standards Manual Graphic Standards Manual (GSM)


This little 12-page booklet covers the use of the company logo.



Delivery shirt & truck GSM: Delivery shirt & truck


Here is the uniform & truck for delivery of the on-time lunches. 




Stationery GSM: Identity Suite


Letterhead, envelope & business cards for the company.


Delivery labels GSM: Delivery labels


Labels for the delivery boxes and wraps themselves.


iCan Dance, iCan Swim for iCan

iCan Shine is an international nonprofit providing learning opportunities in recreational activities for persons with disabilities. Their "iCan Bike" program began in 2007, and has taught approximately 20,000 people with special needs to successfully ride a 2-wheeled bike. For more information, please visit iCan Shine, Inc.


iCan Shine needed logos for their new dance and swim programs. Both logos had to appear as the same figure from their iCan Bike logo. Here is what I designed for them to use for their brochures, t-shirts, etc.


iCan Dance Logo Logo for Dance Program


They wanted their logo figure to look as if a child had quickly drawn it with a marker. 


iCan Swim Logo Logo for Swim Program


I designed the figure to fit in his/her space between the sun and text, since those items needed to remain in a fixed position.

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