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Thank you for your interest in me - the face behind "fine design." So who am I? To put it simply, I am an artistic veteran, wife, mother and lover of life who is lucky enough to be in a profession that feels more like play than work! I consider myself to be very blessed.


I was taught from an early age to find beauty in my surroundings. Now I am taking that skill and channeling my observations into my designs. I may notice how the sun reflects off a puddle, or how a picture of a donut wraps around a delivery truck. Inspiration is everywhere, and I get some of my best ideas just from being observant while driving. I get satisfaction from seeing an idea become a sketch that eventually turns into a design seen in print or on the web. 


As an example of another part of my artistic side, here are two other of my personal designs. I like to repurpose things, and see what I can make out of what may usually be thrown away.



Iris sculpture Iris made from Coca-Cola cans


These days many of us recycle, and that's great. However, I thought it would be fun to reuse Coke cans in a different way. This is the result! Except for the pipecleaner beard, this iris is aluminum. 




wine bottle lamp Wine Bottle Lamp


Another recycling project, this time with a glass bottle becoming a lamp.




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Thank you for your interest in my designs! Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to let me know.


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