Childrens' book
Childrens' book

PD's Scary Wonderful Day

PD began his life as an origami figure I made just for fun. Then, I decided to use photographs of him to make a very simple children's book, imagining him as a full-size paper dog. My friends liked the book, and suggested that I create another story about PD. That thought rolled around in my head as PD kept me company on my desk.


Fast forward a few years, and now PD finally has a full story! I had a lot of fun telling PD's tale, and then drawing him and his friends in Adobe Illustrator. Today, PD is still on my desk — and I think he has another story to tell me!! Stay tuned....


PD's Scary Wonderful Day

This is an actual hardcover 7x7" book aimed at children 4 - 8 years old. The button below opens an online version of the book. Thank you for your patience as it loads! I hope you enjoy the story.


PD's Scary Wonderful Day can also be seen in its entirety via Adobe's online publishing by clicking here.

Examples of Illustrations

illustration of dogs on sidewalk Sam, Darien & PD head to the park


PD reminds me of a T-rex here — but with his body type this is how he would walk.




Illustration of dog playing Some text displays its meaning.


I really enjoyed bringing PD to life.




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